How To Get Rid Of Wasps?

With the warm weather comes the buzzing sound. Yes, this is their way of telling you that they have arrived. Wasps can be very frightening and just one sting from them is all you need to respect them for the rest of your life.

They fly around doors, windows and buzz past you as they make for their nest built in your yard. Wasps’ nests are usually up, as high as they can find. Keeping your home free from wasps is essential, especially when you have kids around. This article walks you through the most effective steps to creating a wasp-free environment. Read on to find out how you can get rid of these stinging pests.

1. Use Wasp Traps

Wasp traps are simply containers with bait such as sugary food that tempt a wasp into entering the container. Once a wasp gets in, you prevent it from going out. There are several heavy-duty wasps traps that you can buy. However, you can make one by yourself using a small plastic bottle.

For best results, you should place about four to five traps close to a wasp nest entrance. You can also place some wasps trap randomly in your yard but this would lure fewer wasps, mostly the ones just flying by.

2. Spray Surroundings With Clove, Geranium, And Lemongrass Oil

Clove, Geranium, and Lemongrass oil can be used to get rid of wasps. All you need to get this to work in a few drops of each, a spray bottle, dish soap, and water. Mix all the ingredients carefully together and pour into a spray bottle. Ensure you keep the number of ingredients used in the check. Using too much water and less oil would be ineffective.

Once in your spray bottle, approach the wasps’ nest at the coolest time of the day and spray. You can also spray the liquid around your home to prevent a new group of wasps from building another nest. This will be helpful as paper wasps are fond of building a new nest in the same location.

If you are unable to get clove, geranium, and lemongrass oil, you can opt for peppermint oil. It is also very effective at repelling wasps.

Studies have shown that peppermint oil is a great tool to avoid wasps entering your home. Scatter the oil where you find wasps and the oil will force them out.

3. Cover Your Waste Bins Properly And Maintain Proper Yard Hygiene

If you have wasps in your yard, chances are there is a large source of food. This is usually your waste bin. Ensure you close your waste bin properly so your yard does not attract wasps.

Careless waste bins or any other food source lying around would attract different kinds of insects including wasps. They would always return to your home no matter how hard you try to send them away. Generally, ensure you have a clean yard and you will naturally notice the reduction of pests.

4. Spray The Nest With Plain Soap And Water

A very simple, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way to get rid of wasps is using your regular dish soap and water. Add some soap in a spray bottle and fill with water then spray the nest. This method is perfect for small hanging nests so you can be sure the next is soaked with your soap mixture.

The soap in your solution blocks their spiracles. This is what they use in breathing and they die almost immediately.

5. Cover Up Your Food

Wasps, like many other insects, love sweet food including jams, cakes, and fruits rich in sweet flavor. Uncovered food attracts wasps. If you are eating outdoors, make sure you keep your food covered. Also, empty your rubbish bins regularly and keep them away from the windows to keep wasps out of your home.

6. Burning Wasp Nests

In general, burning wasp nests is not a good idea. However, it can prove helpful if the other methods do not work. The problem is that wasp nests are made of material that is highly flammable and catches fire instantly, because of which burning a wasp nest can lead to serious damage to your personal belongings and property. It can harm you as well. Therefore, you should decide on this action as a last resort.

7. Grow Plants With A Strong Scent

Many plants have a strong scent, which keeps wasps away. For example, tomato stems, cloves, and fresh mint have a strong smell, which can help us to get rid of wasps. We can keep wasps away by growing these plants in our garden or yard.

8. Use Wasps Killer

There are several insecticides made specifically for wasps. You can purchase any one of them and spray the wasps’ nest with it. You should approach the nest at the coolest time of the day since wasps naturally find it hard to function in low temperatures. Ensure the entire nest is heavily soaked with the wasp’s killer to kill every last one.

The wasp sting is painful. You do not need to be attacked to know this. This is why it is important to rid your home of these insects. If you see a single wasp buzzing away, chances are a large group of wasp have built a nest in your home. Rid your home of them using your preferred option from the steps discussed above. Remember to destroy the nest once the wasps are all dead. Leaving the wasps nest as it is will attract other wasps.

Before approaching a wasp nest, ensure you wear protective clothing so you are prepared in advance for a sting. This includes long clothes that cover your hands and legs, gloves, goggles, protective shoes or boots, and hair cover. Wasps tend to attack when they sense danger. If you get stung, the wasp sting treatment is simply to wash the area with soap and water and apply ice.

If after a wasp sting you experience serious allergic conditions, visit the hospital immediately. In the meantime, the steps discussed in this article can be used to get rid of any of the types of wasps.