Maine sheriff loses license after falsifying a report to avoid meeting

Freiburg, Maine (Associated Press) – A former Maine police chief wanted to miss a public meeting so badly that it cost him his career.

The Law Enforcement Supervisory Board decided to revoke the license of former Friborg police chief Joshua Botvin after an investigation found that Botvin, who had been president for six years, had invented a report on a suspect so that he could abandon the Friborg board meeting of the selectees in February 2020.

The Maine Academy of Criminal Justice decision said Putvin engaged in a multi-step scam that began by texting one of his officers and asking her to call him outside of the meeting. Then Putvin led his cruiser to the Friborg fairgrounds.

The Academy found that Botvin then used the computer on his cruiser to create a false entry in the department’s transmitter system which he said drove there in response to a report on a suspicious person. He also entered the license plate number for an employee at the fairground to enter.

The Academy voted in February to revoke Butvin’s license. The Bangor Daily News reported that details of the investigation became public this month.

Potvin waived his right to appeal. He quit last year. The decision bars Potvin from working in law enforcement in Maine again.

Botvin did not respond to a request for comment from the Bangor Daily News.


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