Piers Morgan mocks, burning a ‘reprehensible’ column attacking Naomi Osaka

Piers Morgan, the presenter best known for breaking into Good Morning Britain after criticism from a co-host, faced an angry backlash Monday after he wrote a column calling tennis star Naomi Osaka a “naughty mob” for refusing to speak to the media in order to protect her mental health.

The Grand Slam tennis leaders announced Sunday that 23-year-old Osaka will be fined for refusing to attend mandatory post-match press conferences at the French Open. Osaka announced her decision last week, citing mental health. She withdrew from the tournament on Monday, revealing that she had struggled with depression since the US Open in 2018 and had “real difficulty dealing with that” as well as social anxiety.

“So here in Paris I was already feeling weak and anxious so I thought it was best to practice self-care and skip the press conferences,” she said in a statement on social media.

Morgan Tweet Monday morning His column about “the most horrible little lady in world sport” was published in the Daily Mail, causing an uproar on social media. at Tweet follow Through a link to the article, he said, “Osaka’s exploitation of mental health to silence the media is right out of the box for Meghan and Harry wanting to eat their press cake.”

He pursued Meghan Markle in a similar fashion after she revealed the stresses of royal life drove her to suicidal thoughts earlier this year in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. When Morgan was called upon by a fellow “Good Morning Britain” to destroy the Duchess of Sussex, he walked off the set and eventually left the show for good.

Television watchdog Ofcom received tens of thousands of complaints at the time, after Morgan questioned Meghan’s disclosure of her mental health, saying: “I can’t believe a word she says.” Morgan routinely describes Meghan as a naughty woman and has been publicly stalking her for years.

Called a hypocrite and a bully after his latest attack, he was again criticized for stigmatizing and dismissing mental health concerns. See some of the reactions below.