Types of Wasps

There are more types of wasps in the world than people living in a fairly large village. Hundreds of thousands of wasps have been discovered across the world so far. Wasps can be social or solitary. Unlike bees, which are always social, only a dozen social wasps can live together in a nest. Wasp nests of a relatively larger size can house some ten thousand wasps. Northern paper wasps, yellow jacket wasps, cicadar killer wasps and great black wasps are the most commonly found wasps. 

Northern paper wasps have nests made up of the same material as paper, which is why we call them paper wasps. They are brown and have yellowish or reddish bands. Yellow jackets are the wasps that we should be most cautious of. They are very violent and common. Most of them are covered with black and yellow patterns. Cicadar killer wasps, as the name suggests, live on cicadas and do not pose a threat to human beings. They are black in color and have yellow marks. You will often see them busy in building nests. They sting cicadas and transfer them to the nest to use them as food for larvae. Lastly, great black wasps tend to live in burrows. They are larger in size than ordinary wasps. They tend to have many distinctive features. One of their distinctive features is their black body, which shines in light and has a slightly blue shade. They might look dangerous because of their black color and larger size, but they are harmless as compared to other wasps.